March 8, 2023

José Madero brought his “Giallo Fantastique” tour to Houston!

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The audience was lucky to experience a some kind of non-official "Unplugged"

On Sunday evening we attended José Madero’s concert in Houston at the Arena Theatre and it was a night to remember.

The setup gave it an intimate view that made it feel like an “Unplugged” recording, while the rotating stage added a unique touch that kept the audience on their toes. Fans sang along to every song, and it was amazing to see how dedicated his fandom was, with many of them wearing yellow, which is the theme color of his new album Giallo.

José Madero - Photo: Armando Meza

Madero had not performed in Houston, or as some call it, “Space City” in 5 years, and the audience was thrilled to have him back. He moved all around the stage, engaging with the audience and adding an extra dimension to the performance.

José Madero - Photo: Armando Meza
José Madero - Photo: Armando Meza

The Show

The concert began with the opener song from his newest album “Quita Esa Cara” which put the audience on their feet. The audience was taken on a trip down memory lane, as Madero played a few songs from his band PXNDX, along with some old and new material from his solo career. It was a nostalgic moment for many in the audience, who sang along with passion and enthusiasm. Other songs that were part of the first section of the show were “Noche De Brujas“, “Final Ruín“, “Adheridos Separados” from PANDA, and “La Petite Mort“.

What made the night even more special was the diverse audience. People waved flags from Bolivia, El Salvador, Peru, and Mexico, showing how José Madero’s music transcends borders and brings people together.

José Madero - Photo: Armando Meza

Before the night ended, Madero continue pleasing his fans with other great songs such as “Ojalá“, “Invócame“, “Lamentable” and “Quince Mil Días“, but the audience was blown away when Jose Madero started playing “Los Malaventurados No Lloran”, a song he introduced on this second part of his tour which he hasn’t played since he was with PXNDX.

Overall, the concert was a total success, with Jose Madero showcasing his incredible talent as a performer and musician. His fans put up a great show as well, and it was a pleasure to see them come together to celebrate his music. It was amazing to see the impact that Jose Madero’s music has had on his fans, which made the night even more special for everyone who attended the show.

José Madero - Photo: Armando Meza


Quita esa cara
Chambelán (Nunca fui)
Noche de brujas
Final Ruin
¿A poco no?
Adheridos separados (Panda song)
Caballeros británicos
Padre nuestro
Teoremas, etc
Plural siendo singular
La petite mort
No lo cambio por nada
No como el filme
Sin Ampersand
Conversación casual (Panda song)
Cantar de Gesta
La herida


Noche de lluvia
Quince mil días
Los malaventurados no lloran (Panda song)
Cerraron chipinque
Soy el diluvio

Thanks to Jose Madero’s staff who allowed us to attend the show and capture all these wonderful moments.

José Madero - Photo: Armando Meza

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