SOFIA NIÑO DE RIVERA is coming to San Antonio!

After a three-year break, she’s back!  Just announced: Sofía Niño De Rivera is coming to the Aztec Theatre in San Antonio Texas on June 28!   The Mexican Stand-Up comedian, announces the addition of […]

JERRY SEINFELD added a 2nd Show!

Due to the high demand to see him live! America’s premier comedian, Jerry Seinfeld, is coming to the Majestic Theatre stage in San Antonio, Texas, to perform his newest stand-up […]

The Sphere goes LIVE!

An incredible display of technology and awesomeness! We can’t wait to see the Las Vegas Sphere when it opens next month! It’s going to be the most amazing entertainment venue […]

Music legends images created with AI

The future is here! Artificial intelligence (AI) is described as the simulation of human intelligence processes by machines, especially computer systems, but in this case artist David Bessenhoffer used the web application […]

Snoop Dogg to hit the big screen!

It has been confirmed Snoop Dogg will have his biopic with Universal pretty soon! This project will mark the inaugural film from Snoop’s Death Row Pictures about the life of […]

Bad Bunny – Five Fun Facts

There is no doubt the incredible success of Puerto Rican reggaeton singer Bad Bunny is taking everyone by surprise. This year alone, the singer has raised more than $120 million […]

Burning Man 2022 – That’s a wrap!

The annual festival that takes place at the Nevada’s Black Rock Desert has concluded today and as usual, the festival goers return to their hometowns after 7 days full of […]