April 17, 2022

It is not Karen!


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We have all seen memes of the famous “Karen” when they refer to the person who demands to speak with the Manager to complain about something, but, how accurate are the numbers when we look at the names of the most complainers on the internet?

It turns out that from an analysis made of 80,000 reviews of the most popular brands, restaurants, tourist attractions and supermarkets in the USA, the figures showed that Karen is not the most angry person on the internet, although she does appear on the list after all!

To the surprise of many, it turns out that it is men who leave the most negative comments on social media, 131% more likely to complain compared to women.

This is the list of the top 10 names:

  1. David
  2. Paul
  3. John
  4. Mark
  5. Chris
  6. James
  7. Michael
  8. Andrew
  9. Peter
  10. Sarah

And in number 11, the famous Karen!

Does your name is on this list?

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