April 20, 2022

Happy 420 🌿


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It is still unclear where and how did the 420 date was originated, but one thing is for sure, today April 20 is a day to celebrate the “marijuana day”

Many states that have legalized the use of this product, 37 to be exact, will be celebrating this day and producers, consumers and all kind of advocates for sure will be smoking marijuana.

But, where and how did this date was originated? 

There are many myths circulating about how this date started, but the most accurate version bring us back to the fall of 1971 in the state of California.

Story tells there was a group of teenagers from the San Rafael High school in Marian County known as the “Waldos” in reference to the wall they would sit on at their school, that gather every day at 4:20pm after school to smoke Marijuana. The number 420 became their code for marijuana.

Either the story is true or not, one thing is for sure, today a lot of people will be celebrating this unofficial “holiday” specially when a lot of stores offer great specials and free stuff to their clients.

Have a safe 420 celebration!

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