April 30, 2022

Happy “Dia Del Niño”


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Today April 30th is when Mexico celebrates “Children’s Day”

This decision was made in 1924 in order to reaffirm the rights of children and create a happy childhood for a full and comprehensive development as a human being.

To commemorate this day we got down to the task of finding some of your favorite artists photos when they were kids.

Let’s see if you know who they are before reading their names at the bottom of each photos! 

She started her music passion at a very early age in New York city and parents with Italian ancestry. With only 4yrs she began playing piano and today she’s followed by a lot of Little Monsters.

Lady Gaga


His life is always surrounded by controversy and has sold more than 160 millions records. He wanted to run for President of the USA.

"Ye" - Kanye West


She is one of the youngest artists to win so many Grammys and Oscars awards and today with only 20 yrs she headlines the best music festivals all over the world. 

Billie Eilish


Another artist surrounded by controversy. He was born in England and is known for his dark humor and a little depressed songs. He has requested concerts organizers to prohibit meet products at his shows.



Born in Puerto Rico, loved and hated by many. His lyrics have caused controversy and he have won all kind of different international awards.

Bad Bunny


She was born in Medellin, Colombia and at her early years she was rejected by Universal Records in Miami to what her father and her decided to return to Colombia and start a tour on their own at schools, clubs and festivals.

Karol G


Puerto Rican that has broken six Guinness records with one of his songs that sold more than 11 million records and had the most-watched video on YouTube with over 7 billion until November 2020.

Luis Fonsi


Singer of a legendary Mexican rock band know by their mysticism and have been a strong influence of so many new rock bands. 

Saul Hernandez - Caifanes


He is a well known guitarist, singer and composer of another great Mexican rock band who were called “The Beatles from Latin America” by the Rolling Stones magazine.

Joselo Rangel - Cafe Tacvba


From Puerto Rico, he has made dance 32 countries at the same time and as of today he continues being one of the best performers in the pop industry.

Ricky Martin


She was born in Barbados and her first worldwide hit was actually written for Brittney Spears. 



He has been the drummer of four great rock bands from Mexico. He is also well known to be an advocate of David Bowie to the point he has a band that play his covers.

Alfonso Andre - Caifanes

He used to be part of a British Pop Band and later decided to pursue his solo career. Lately he has been headlining international festivals.

Harry Styles


New British Pop artist that possess a mezzo-soprano voice. She used to be a model before pursuing her singer career. At her 26 she is a huge phenomenon.

Dua Lipa


This cute little baby released a song that took two years to be a international success. She plays the flute and is considered an image for self-confidence.


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