August 23, 2022

Chihuahua dog ‘Clarita’ had her Quinceañera party


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Yes, as funny and weird as this might sound, a family in México threw a big party to celebrate the XV-year of her pet ‘Clarita

But, if you are familiar with how a ‘quinceañera’ party is organized for every girl that turns fifteen years in Mexican culture, yes, it was the same way for this chihuahua. She is now leaving behind her canine childhood to become a canine adult.

Wearing a princess pink dress and necklace, the pet appeared in the ball room, adorned with balloons, centerpieces and flowers, were children and adults anxiously awaited her. 

The party included everything!

With around 300 guest, fancy dinner, a court of honor, a first waltz and modern dance ‘Clarita’ had her time of her life! 

Right after a mass in her honor and a formal photo session the show started with ‘Clarita’ walking around the dance floor with a waltz song. Later she danced a remix of songs that included ‘Chihuahua’ from DJ Bobo, merengue and Banda song ‘El Pasito Perron’ from Dinastía Mendoza band.

Her dress was made by a professional dressmaker and it took 3 months to be finished, together with other 2 dresses the dog used during the party.

More parties for 'Clarita'

Juan Ramos, her owner, said she deserves to have a great party after all the love, joy and great moments she has brought to the family. 

After this ‘quinceañera’, Ramos is planning on celebrating her birthday every August 12 from now on.

What do you think, would you be throwing a Sweet 16 party for your pet here in the USA?

Like every big party they had a video session

And of course, knowing the importance of this magno event, a videographer was hired to capture the best moments of the party.

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