September 30, 2022

90’s Pop Tour USA – A big party at Freeman Coliseum

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Last night, thousands of Latins gather to have one hell of a party at the Freeman Coliseum with their youth idols. 

For hours, everyone, included our THS team that covered the event, danced and sang together with others all those hits we heard during our not-to long ago cuff.. cuff… adolescence.

The night included artists such as Sentidos Opuestos, Magneto, Kabah, Lynda, Benny Ibarra, JNS, Caló and Erik Rubín.

Everyone On Stage

The show started with every member of every band on stage singing “La Vida Es Mejor Cantando” from band Timbiriche, who’s ex-members Benny and Erik are part of this tour. Seconds later, everyone returned backstage and Alessandra Rosaldo and keyboardist Chacho Gaytan from Sentidos Opuestos remain to perform “Eternamente”.

Girl Power

It was the turn for the girls of JNS (previously know as Jeans) to perform “Sólo Vivo para Ti (Vivo para Ti)”

Karla, Melissa, Regina and Angie brought a performance full of great voices, dances and sensuality.

The boys are back in town!

Everyone was excited to see the guys of Magneto on stage after they had a big hiatus of almost 20 years and came back to the stages a couple of years ago. Alan, Mauri, Elias and Alex had everyone screaming while they were bringing the same old dance moves they did back in the 90’s.

Other band that put a smile on everyone’s faces was Kabah. With their charisma and great songs, María Jose, Daniela, René, Sergio, Federíca y André were running from side to side on stage while they were singing “La Vida Que Va”

The night passed while members of bands were joining other bands to perform different songs that made it a very interactive show.

Erik Rubín together with Kabah performed “Dame Amor’, Benny Ibarra with Jeans “Tu Y Yo Somos Uno Mismo”, Magneto with Erik Rubín “Malherido, and Caló with Jeans “Colegiala” that had everyone dancing and so on.

It was a magnificent night with so many great bands on stage and a crowd that didn’t stop dancing and singing.

We can’t thank enough to the Freeman Coliseum team for their help to make our coverage more easy!

THS Team

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