November 2, 2022

FOALS – Brought the “Life Is Yours” tour to the Stubb’s in Austin

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Yesterday was the first night in November where we had a cold temperature in Texas, and what a better way to bring the heat than dancing and singing to Foals.

It was at the Stubb’s Bar-B-Q, where Foals gave an amazing performance as part of their “Life Is Yours” tour, being Austin the first Texas stop of this tour.

From the UK to Texas!

UK’s trio opened with “Wake Me Up“, their first single from their newest album “Life Is Yours“, which was enough to fuel the crowd and get them ready for the rest of the night. Their 90-minute set was very diverse; going from math-rock songs like ‘Olympic Airwaves‘ all the way to their new indie pop style like ‘2am‘.

The band played a few songs from every album in their catalog which pleased both old and new fans. 

Halfway through the show, the band took a break from such an energetic set and talked about their experience in SXSW, which was 20 years ago! They thanked “Gustaf” and “Inner Wave” for opening their set and their fans for being there all this time.

Pure energy on stage, their style!

The band left and the lights went off. A few minutes later, they came back on stage for the most intense part of the show. Starting with “Snake Oil” which set the mood for the following songs. Next in line was “Inhaler“, one of their most powerful rock songs in their catalog. Yannis Philippakis, singer and guitar player of the band, took his guitar and walked through the crowd during the song buildup, just to jump back on stage and release all that buildup on the last chorus. Finally, taking back their fans to their first album, the band played their regular set closer “Two Steps, Twice“.

Foals is a band that has been changing since their very beginning and having such a diverse set allowed the fans to taste a little bit of all the changes they’ve been through. No doubt, this is one of their best tours so far. 

This is their first tour after lockdown, a tour that allows us to come together, to sing and dance, but more importantly… It reminds us that Life is Yours

FOALS Set List

A total of 15 great songs were part of their show:

Wake Me Up
On the Luna
The Runner
Wash Off
Olympic Airways
My Number
Black Gold
In Degrees
Spanish Sahara
Mountain at My Gates

Snake Oil
Two Steps, Twice

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Thanks to the Stubb’s Bar-B-Q and Live Nation team for their support to make sure we cover this event in a very safe and fun way!

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