November 19, 2022

Junior H at the Freeman Coliseum

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Junior H brought all his feels to the Freeman Coliseum for his Sad Boyz 4 Life Tour

Los Angeles-based singer, songwriter, and guitarist Junior H is among the progenitors of the corrido tumbado (trap corrido) movement. After self-releasing the viral video single “No He Cambiado” while still in high school, he signed to Rancho Humilde, which issued his debut EP, “Atrapado En Un Sueño” (Trapped in a Dream), along with a pair of full-length projects in 2020.

At 12, he and a friend began writing song lyrics because neither could play an instrument, though he spent time at local studios and learned how to record music. At 15, after three years of learning and practicing the art of music, Junior had to start from scratch when his family moved to Utah. The prolific artist returned in 2021 with the smash hit $ad Boyz 4 Life. In February 2022, Junior H released “Mi Vida en un Cigarro 2” it entered the Mexican Regional chart as number one.

Junior H - Photo: Albert Villasana

Sad Boyz 4 Life Tour

The tour kicked off in San Antonio with fans lining outside in the dissenting rain and the Texas cold front whipping through the area! Although the weather was not on our side, people were still able to get tickets to see Junior H’s first show on the Sad Boyz 4 Life Tour. Opening for tonight was DJ Malechin playing all the crowd favorites. He was very entertaining and got the crowd pumped up for the show.

Throughout his performance he allowed fans to message him on Instagram and he give them a shoutout. Many of the fans took the opportunity to shout out their names and birthdays and their hometowns like “Viva los de Coahuila” Dj Malechin set the perfect tone for the night. Getting the crowd hyped up and in the mood for the show! As soon as DJ Malechin finished his set, fans were ready for the headliner of the night!

Junior H - Photo: Albert Villasana

The Show!

The lights dimmed and the stage became illuminated for the opening performance of the show! It was time to have some fun! Everyone there screamed out the songs they know and love from the man himself!! Junior H took the stage and put on an amazing performance! Fans were screaming the lyrics at the top of their lungs and singing along to every song he performed! Junior H had the whole crowd dancing along to his beats! His performance was so much fun that everyone was dancing and singing along for the whole show!

His performance was so much fun that everyone was dancing and singing along for the whole show! The band played an amazing set as well and everyone in the crowd loved it!

Junior H - Photo: Albert Villasana

Everyone was dancing and singing the night away and they couldn’t stop praising the show! Junior took many opportunities to interact with his fans in between songs and show-stopping performances. He told the crowd how grateful he was for them being there to support him and showed just how much they mean to him by thanking everyone for their love and support. His whole band was also very engaging and made sure to touch everyone in the crowd and make them feel special.

The sad boy music had people in their feelings all night long! They sang along with every word that was sung and it was apparent how much they loved and enjoyed the music that they played! Junior H and his whole crew put on an incredible show! The crowd had a wonderful time dancing and singing all night long!!! The energy was incredible! The entire audience had a blast singing and dancing along to the music. The whole crowd was truly invested in the performance which made it that much more entertaining! Overall, the show was amazing, and everyone had a blast. Junior H is a true entertainer and always puts on an amazing show.

Junior H - Photo: Albert Villasana

We can’t wait until the next time he comes to the San Antonio area so we can see him perform again!

Tonight, was a great show and one we won’t forget for a long time!

Thanks to the Freeman Coliseum team for the support in helping us cover this great event!

THS Team

Junior H - Photo: Albert Villasana

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