February 27, 2023

John Mellencamp brought his “Live And In Person” tour to the Majestic Theatre

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An incredible Sunday night full of timeless great songs!

As part of the extensive 76-dates tour that just kicked off early this month, the Majestic Theatre was the host of another sold-out show with Indiana’s native John Mellencamp who performed in front of thousands of fans who long waited his return to the Alamo city after many years.

The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame and Songwriters Hall of Fame inducted doesn’t need a lot of production on stage or fancy displays in the back to deliver what a good show should be, great songs with great musicians and an impecable voice full of feeling and nostalgia that the icon singer has.

John Mellencamp - Photo: Nacho DelaGarza

Movie night and Concert

The first 30 mins of the night started with clips of some of Mellencamp’s favorite classic movies and performers from the 40’s and 50’s such as “Giant”, “A Street Car Named Desire”, “The Misfits”, “Grapes Of Wrath”, Hud”, On The Waterfront” with Henry Fonda, Marlon Brando, Elizabeth Taylor, James Dean and others.

And you might be wondering why and how did these actors influenced the icon singer?

Well, Mellencamp’s song “You’ve Got To Stand For Somethin’” was inspired by Marlon’s Brando as a troubled biker in film “The Wild One“.

And from East Of Eden movie, John Mellencamp used in his lyrics the name of one of the actors he most admires, James Dean. In song “Jack and Diane” as a young man, Jack performs a “James Dean impression” to impress Diane with whis coolness.

John Mellencamp - Photo: Nacho DelaGarza

But, once the “movie portion” of the show ended and the curtains came down, the 6-members band together with John, started playing and from there it was like going back to some good old days, memories and lots of nostalgic moments that happen in the life of many of the attendees that grew up with Mellencamp’s songs.

The show started with the amazing performance of songs “John Cockers“, “Paper in Fire” and “Minutes to Memories“. The crowd listened and quietly enjoyed the songs on their seats. But by the forth song “Small Town”, the crowd couldn’t resist anymore and everyone stood up and started dancing and singing along with the band. It was the moment the audience was waiting for. 

John Mellencamp - Photo: Nacho DelaGarza

The night continued for almost 2hrs with songs “Hey God“, “Human Wheels“, “Do’t Need Nobody” and “Check It Out“.

But definitely “Pink Houses“, “Cherry Bomb” and the international classic 1982’s song “Hurts So Good” was the perfect way to finish a perfect night.

John Mellencamp still has 2 more shows in Texas, Austin on 02/28 and Grand Prairie on 03/01 if you want to see him live.

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Thanks to the Majestic Theatre for their continuous support on making sure we get all the help we need to cover these king of amazing shows!

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