March 3, 2023

OV7 kicks off 30 Anniversary tour at the Majestic Theatre

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San Antonio, TX was the selected city for this great celebration!

We were so close to not attending this show after the city was hit by a very unexpected change of weather that brought strong winds, rain, and hail to the Alamo city, but, driving very slow on the highway we arrived to a packed Majestic Theatre that was the host for this great show!

It was 9 PM when the lights came down and after a short clip, Lidia, Kalimba, Oscar, Ari, Mariana, and M’Balia appeared on stage! The Band formed in 1989 was there bringing the U.S. 30 Years Tour that just kicked off last night.

OV7 - Photo: Nacho DelaGarza
OV7 - Photo: Nacho DelaGarza


The band didn’t waste time to warm things on and started the show with hits “Más Que Amor“, “Love Colada” and “Tus Besos”. The audience immediately jumped off their seats and started dancing and singing along with the band that has been part of their youth days! And who are we kidding, us too! 

Then the band took a few minutes to thank everybody for being part of them for so many years and happy to start this tour in our city. 

Prohibido Quererme” was the fourth song before they went back on stage to return with different outfits and a different party began!

OV7 - Photo: Nacho DelaGarza


OV7 came back on stage wearing 1950s outfits and a mix of songs accompanied with lots of dancing started!

Que Buen Reventón“, “Una Chavita“, “Aum Aum“, “Voy Voy“, “Dando La Vuelta“, “El Juego Del Amor“, “Quiero Salir De Vacaciones“, and “Triste Es El Primer Adiós”  were part of this set of songs that had everyone dancing at the venue.

OV7 - Photo: Nacho DelaGarza
OV7 - Photo: Nacho DelaGarza


Singer Lidia thanked the audience again for being there, especially after the difficult years we all had due to COVID-19. She personally lost close relatives and friends and she expressed how grateful she is for still being on stage. “This show is in honor of everyone who lost the battle to the virus and are up there taking care of us down here!” and the song “Te Necesito” (I Need You) started.

OV7 - Photo: Nacho DelaGarza

The night continued with other great songs for almost one more hour that included “Mírame A Los Ojos“, “No Es Obsesión“, “Un Pie Tras Otro” but of course, the audience went crazy with some of the songs they left for the end, “Calendario De Amor“, one of their biggest hits “Te Quiero Tanto“, “Shabadaba” and to finish their great performance, “Enloqueceme“.

OV7 - Photo: Nacho DelaGarza


  1. Más Que Amor
  2. Love Colada
  3. Tus Besos
  4. Prohibido Quererme
  5. Que Buen Reventón
  6. Una Chavita
  7. Aum Aum
  8. Voy Voy
  9. Dando La Vuelta
  10. El Juego Del Amor
  11. Quiero Salir De Vacaciones
  12. Triste Es El Primer Adiós
  13. Te Necesito
  14. Mírame A Los Ojos
  15. No Es Obsesión
  16. Un Pie Tras Otro
  17. Súsanita Tiene Un Ratón
  18. Calendario De Amor
  19. Jam
  20. Pónganse Botas
  21. Te Quiero Tanto


  22. Vuela Más Alto
  23. Shabadab
  24. Enloquéceme

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