March 13, 2023

KENIA OS, a show full of sensuality and great music!

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Talking about great performances, she has it all!

You might not know her that well yet, but don’t say we didn’t warn you about Kenia Flores Osuna, known professionally as Kenia Os from beach town Mazatlán, Sinaloa in Mexico.

She started her career as a YouTuber in 2015 where she used to upload videos and gain an impressive amount of more than 7 million followers.

But in 2018, the 23-year-old Pop and R&B singer and songwriter gave the jump needed to begin her music journey and released her debut single “Por Siempre” and a new chapter in Kenia’s life began.

Kenia OS - Photo: Nacho DelaGarza

By now, Kenia has more than 14 million followers on Instagram, more than 2 million on Facebook, and more than 5 million on Twitter! You can see how much of a big sensation she is!


Maybe the fact of growing up in a beach town is why she has a show full of fun, sensuality, dances, and lots of energy on stage. This is truly appreciated by her thousands of fans who follow her blindly wherever she goes. It was really great to see how devoted fans are to Kenia Os.

Kenia OS - Photo: Nacho DelaGarza

At 8:30 pm sharp the lights went down and 4 dancers appeared on stage followed by a beautiful girl wearing everything in black, Kenia Os singing “Mia Mia” from her recent album K23. It was a little difficult to hear her voice with a really loud crowd singing all over the venue!

Songs “Toy Toy” and “Los Santos” were next on the list and the tension kept increasing since our photographer was there, in front of the crowd blocking their view and opportunity to take photos and videos of her idol.

Kenia OS - Photo: Nacho DelaGarza
Kenia OS - Photo: Nacho DelaGarza

Kenia continued giving a great show while she danced and moved from side to side on stage, being so close to all the fans who came to see her.

The list of great songs continued, with “Tu Peor Pesadilla“, “La Invitación” and in some kind of tribute to the Queen of Tejano Music, Selena Quintanilla, she sang “Como La Flor“.

Kenia OS - Photo: Nacho DelaGarza

Other songs that were part of her setlist last night were “La Noche“, “Bonita” and “Escríbeme” from her debut albums and released singles.

Kenia OS - Photo: Nacho DelaGarza

The sensuality of the show kept heating the venue with songs such as “Toketeo” “… tu me haces sentir tan sexy, cuando me pongo tu jersey, la nota me pone crazy, termino encima de ti“. Her sexy moves really made the crowd scream!  And other great songs that were part of the night “Shillin’“, “Joder“, and “Botellita“.

It was a really great show and we are happy we were able to witness how Kenia Os continue to have a career that keeps going up!

Kenia OS - Photo: Nacho DelaGarza

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