April 17, 2023

SEVEN LIONS gave an hypnotizing show at The Aztec Theatre


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The ‘Journey III Tour’ is a mini EDM fest

From rave-themed outfits, glitter makeup, and glowing accessories to casual, day-to-day wear, Seven Lions and their openers attracted a diverse crowd brought together by their love for electronic dance music (EDM).

Reminiscent of a miniature EDM festival, Seven Lions’ “Journey III Tour” brought a shocking four acts to the Alamo City. Though a sedan-sized DJ podium obstructed much of the audience’s view of the artists, nothing stopped the crowds from head-banging. Leading with Bexxie and Gem & Tauri, then transitioning into Trivecta and finally Seven Lions, the Aztec Theatre was jumping all night long.

Seven Lions - Photo: Riley Carroll


Kicking off the night at 7:45 p.m., opener Bexxie brought positive, feel-good energy to the small beginnings of a growing crowd.

From beginning to end, the newcomer to the house subgenre visibly displayed their passion for music — even where the crowd may have lacked.

Remixes of songs like Sam Smith’s “Unholy,” wrapped up their 30-minute set on a good note, which was greatly appreciated by the audience.

For more about Bexxie, visit their Instagram @bexxiemusic


Without missing a beat, Bexxie concluded their set, and the duo Gem & Tauri immediately took the stage at 8:15 p.m. Similar to Bexxie, Gem & Tauri are no strangers to all things EDM. For over a decade, the two behind the alias, Courtney Simmons and Emma Montalvo, have been immersed in the EDM scene.

Seemingly feeding off of one another’s excited stage presence, Gem & Tauri introduced more flashing strobe lights and harder bass drops than their predecessor.

Aside from the staple LED light display depicting psychedelic-looking patterns and people, Gem & Tauri’s utilization of laser lights gently spinning among the crowd resembled an ocean’s waves sweeping them away.

More hypnotizing flashing lights commenced as the pair performed new tracks for those in attendance who hollered “whoop whoop” in response.

The Aztec Theatre began to fill in increasingly more throughout their 45-minute set, which the pair danced the entire way through.

For more from Gem & Tauri, visit https://opheliarecords.com/artist/gem-tauri/

Seven Lions - Photo: Riley Carroll


Another near-seamless transition took place between Gem & Tauri and Trivecta. In terms of crowd engagement, lighting and synths, Trivecta topped the acts before their 9 o’clock set.

Their set began with a thick, heavy and fast-paced synth and eventually let up to a more feel-good track, “Ghost in the Machine,” followed by “The Loop (TYNAN Remix)” and

“Best for You (feat. Selah Ford).”

Sticking to the highly-recognizable samples, Trivecta’s tracks were thoroughly enjoyed, a fan favorite was their remix sampling Star Wars.

What elicited the largest reaction from the crowd thus far was the bone-rattling bass in the songs following and the guitar solo they performed at the edge of the stage closest to the barricade. Trivecta was no doubt the most interactive of the bands — even commenting on their appreciation for San Antonio and the River Walk.

For more information about Trivecta, visit http://trivectamusic.com/


Finally, three hours and 10 minutes after the theatre’s doors opened, headliners Seven Lions took the stage at 10:05 p.m.

As described in their Spotify biography, the “cult following” they amassed showed out and showed their support. The few dozen of fans that arrived before Bexxie’s set multiplied to hundreds.

It is no wonder that the Aztec Theatre sold 1,100 tickets. Seven Lions’ fiery lighting and props provided an entertaining opening for fans and venue staff alike.

Unlike other artists, Seven Lions began their set with ambient bird sounds, building anticipation for the set’s commencement.


From an outsider’s perspective, Seven Lions’ “Journey III Tour” is the perfect introduction to EDM. The entire experience is incredibly positive, welcoming, and, of course, skull-rattling.

For more information about Seven Lions, visit their website at https://sevenlions.com/


Seven Lions - Photo: Riley Carroll
Seven Lions - Photo: Riley Carroll
Seven Lions - Photo: Riley Carroll
Seven Lions - Photo: Riley Carroll
Seven Lions - Photo: Riley Carroll
Seven Lions - Photo: Riley Carroll
Seven Lions - Photo: Riley Carroll

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