April 21, 2023

Key Glock celebrated 4/20 at The Aztec Theatre

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So many great acts in one night!

Thursday marked the annual celebration of 4/20, a high holiday for cannabis enthusiasts around the world. With recreational marijuana now legal in 21 states and the nation’s capital, the occasion provided a chance for reflection on the progress of the movement.

Key Glock’s sold-out concert at the Aztec Theatre perfectly shows how music and cannabis culture can bring people together.

As the crowd started to fill the venue, excitement was palpable, and anticipation was high for the Memphis-based rapper to take the stage. The stage was set with an impressive setup of lights, and the DJ was spinning some tunes, setting the mood for the night. The energy in the air was electric, and you could feel the excitement in the crowd as they cheered and shouted in anticipation.

Key Glock - Photo: Albert Villasana
Key Glock - Photo: Albert Villasana

The Opening Acts

As the crowd eagerly waited for Key Glock to take the stage, the atmosphere inside the Aztec Theatre was electric. The DJ did an incredible job of hyping up the crowd, setting the stage for what was to come. But before Key Glock’s performance, the audience was treated to an incredible lineup of talented artists.

The show opened with Jay Fizzle, who set the tone with his unique style and energetic performance. Kenny Muney followed, keeping the momentum going with his electrifying beats and hard-hitting lyrics. 

Next up was TiaCorine, whose dynamic presence on stage was a sight to behold. The crowd was thrilled as she performed some of her most popular tracks, getting everyone moving and grooving to the beat. 

And last but not least, BigXThaPlug closed out the opening act with a bang, showcasing his skills as a rapper and getting the crowd hyped up for Key Glock’s arrival.

Jay Fizzle - Photo: Albert Villasana
Kenny Muney - Photo: Albert Villasana
Kenny Muney - Photo: Albert Villasana
TiaCorine - Photo: Albert Villasana
BigXthaPlug - Photo: Albert Villasana
BigXthaPlug - Photo: Albert Villasana


The lights dimmed, and Key Glock came up onto the stage, and the crowd went wild. He kicked off the night with a bang, performing some of his popular tracks, including “Something Bout Me,” “Dirt,” and “Gang Shit No Lame Shit.”

His energy was infectious, and the crowd was vibing with him, singing and rapping along with every word. Definitely he brought hundreds of hardcore fans to the venue.

Key Glock - Photo: Albert Villasana

Key Glock’s performance was a testament to his talent as a performer. His rap style was smooth and confident, and he had an incredible stage presence that kept the crowd engaged throughout the show. He also interacted with the audience, cracking jokes, and sharing stories, making the performance feel intimate and personal.

Key Glock - Photo: Albert Villasana

The concert was a celebration of music and cannabis culture, and the crowd showed their appreciation by lighting up lighters and waving them in the air during certain parts of the show.

As the night came to a close, Key Glock thanked the crowd for an unforgettable experience and ended the concert with his hit “Russian Cream” leaving the audience on a high note. The night was an incredible success, and it was a perfect way to celebrate 4/20 and the power of music.

Key Glock - Photo: Albert Villasana
Key Glock - Photo: Albert Villasana
Key Glock - Photo: Albert Villasana

As usual, the team at The Aztec Theatre with their incredible team willing to help made our work so much easier and more enjoyable to cover this kind of show.

THS Team

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