July 17, 2023

PESO PLUMA brought his Doble P Tour to the AT&T Center

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New generation’s controversial music is here!

We had the privilege of attending Peso Pluma’s show at the AT&T Center in San Antonio last night and we have to say the experience was surreal.

In case you haven’t heard about Peso Pluma, whose real name is Hassan Emilio Kabande Laija, is a Mexican rapper-singer who has been taking the “corridos tumbados” music to every part of the world. This music style is considered a subgenre of Mexican regional music with a mix of trap and urban and is driving all types of audiences crazy.

Peso Pluma is currently touring North America with his Doble P Tour stopping in every major city across the nation and as the tour advances, he keeps adding dates in new cities due to his ascending success.
Peso Pluma - Photo: Nacho DelaGarza

At the beginning of this article, we said this music style is “controversial” and the reason why is because the “Corridos Tumbados” have been related to promoting violence, sex, and drugs, to the point some cities in México have prohibited it, and also the Teacher’s Union across the border requested Corridos Tumbados to be banned from schools because they don’t apport a formative meaning to students. But, wasn’t rock and roll labeled as satanic? And what about the music from the ‘60s and ‘70s when they related hippie music to irresponsible sex and drug abuse as well?

But let’s leave this introduction aside and talk about the show we just experienced.


It was at 8:30 PM when the lights of the whole AT&T Center were turned off and the song “8 AM” with Nicki Nicole and Young Miko started playing with big spotlights pointing to the stage that only had a big white curtain. Right after that, the song “Psycho Killer” from Talking Heads started playing and it was used as a background song to introduce all the 7 members of the Peso Pluma band.

The curtain came down and there he was, Peso Pluma together with his band playing “La Melena”. The singer ran from side to side on stage in the middle of a loud audience that was anxious to see him live. Followed by “El Belicón”, Peso Pluma was visibly happy to be back in San Antonio where he spent some years of his childhood.

Peso Pluma - Photo: Nacho DelaGarza
Peso Pluma - Photo: Nacho DelaGarza

For the next 3 songs, Peso Pluma invited his colleague Jasiel Nuñez who has been one of his close collaborators, and together sang “Lagunas”, “Rosa Pastel”, and “En Mi Mundo”.

The audience was diverse and enthusiastic, cheering and singing along to every song and Peso Pluma used every space between songs to chat with the crowd which made the concert so pleasant and entertaining.

Peso Pluma - Photo: Nacho DelaGarza
Peso Pluma - Photo: Nacho DelaGarza

When I was about 13 or 14 years old I used to watch the Spurs at the AT&T Center and now the Doble P has filled the stadium!” the singer said to the audience while proudly wearing a Spurs jersey throughout the show.

Peso Pluma - Photo: Nacho DelaGarza

And after 2 hours and 23 songs, we left the venue happy to witness the success of this music phenomenon called Peso Pluma that didn’t need a big stage production, dance choreography, or pyrotechnic, just a passionate band delivering what they love the most on stage.


Peso Pluma Setlist – San Antonio, TX

  1. La Melena
  2. El Belicon
  3. Lagunas
  4. Rosa Pastel
  5. En Mi Mundo
  6. Rubicon
  7. Nini
  8. Nueva Vida
  9. Channel
  10. Las morras
  11. El Gavilan
  12. 77
  13. Siempre Pendientes
  14. El Azul
  15. Luna
  16. Bye
  17. Por Las Noches
  18. La Bebe
  19. Bizarrap Session #55
  20. Lady Gaga
  21. AMG
  22. Ella Baila Sola
  23. PRC


Peso Pluma - Photo: Nacho DelaGarza


We really want to thank everyone who smiled for our camera!

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