July 29, 2023

YOUNG THE GIANT, Rosa Linn and Milky Chance live from Germania Insurance Amphitheater

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A story through American Bollywood with Young the Giant

Great evening, great bands, and a great story to be told.

What an incredible night we had yesterday with Young the Giant, Milky Chance and Rosa Linn at the Germania Insurance Amphitheater in Austin, TX.

We were part of the crowd for a few minutes and the energy was really contagious.


First opening act was the Armenian singer-songwriter Rosa Linn, who even without her usual band was able to put on a great show for a crowd that was excited to be there. She played a few songs such as “Hallelujah”, “If I were you”, and “SNAP”.

After such a good experience that last a little bit over half an hour with only her and her loop pedal, we are excited to also see her set with a full band.

Rosa Linn - Photo: Armando Meza
Rosa Linn - Photo: Armando Meza


The second act of the night was German alt-rock band, Milky Chance. They shared with us songs from their discography, from their earliest albums Sadnecessary and Blossom  with songs such as “Synchronize”, “Flashed Junk Mind” and “Cocoon” and from their latest album Living In A Haze, “Living In A Haze”, “Feeling For You”, and “Better Off”

The crowd was singing along with the band throughout the show, but definitely the classic songs such as “Stolen Dance” and “Sweet Sun” turned the crowd on with their playful beat and surprising harmonica sound. 

It was a total of 13 songs the band played leaving the crowd ready for the big act of the night.

Milky Chance - Photo: Armando Meza
Milky Chance - Photo: Armando Meza


A little after 9 pm, the story surrounding Young the Giant’s latest album begins.

Their set was a story told in four acts (Origins, Exile, Battle, and Denouement), which mirrors a story from Indian mythology called Mahabharata but is translated into a story told in our times.

An interesting concept and an amazing way to portray that in a show. While the tour was for their latest album, their set included quite a few other songs from their catalog.

The band gave it all on stage, their performance was fantastic, and their energy was something that the crowd could feel and enjoy.

Young The Giant - Photo: Armando Meza
Young The Giant - Photo: Armando Meza

After the four acts were over, the band left the stage to freshen up a little bit, just to come back with its most powerful bit of the night.

The encore started with “Firelight”, a slow ballad that was dedicated to our loved ones and the ones that already left. Which gave us a time to rest for the next couple of songs. 

Young The Giant - Photo: Armando Meza
Young The Giant - Photo: Armando Meza

For the last three songs, the audience (us included) had a blast with their most energetic songs. They closed their set with “Superstition”, “Silvertongue”, and “My Body” to which we danced, jumped, and screamed!

Overall it was an amazing night that we won’t forget anytime soon. This is one of the couple of bands that started the alternative rock movement back in the 2010s and their experience is clearly visible on-stage.

We’re thankful that we got to be there for this unbelievable evening. Young the Giant will continue touring with Milky Chance for a few more dates so be sure to check them out if they are in a city nearby.


Young The Giant – Austin, TX.

  1. American Bollywood
  2. Wake Up
  3. Cough Syrup
  4. The Walk Home
  5. Anagram
  6. Nothing’s Over
  7. Dollar $tore
  8. Cult of Personality
  9. Heat of the Summer
  10. Dancing in the Rain
  11. Tightrope
  12. Mind Over Matter


  13. Firelight
  14. Superposition
  15. Silvertongue
  16. My Body
Young The Giant - Photo: Armando Meza
Young The Giant - Photo: Armando Meza
Young The Giant - Photo: Armando Meza

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