August 31, 2023

ASKING ALEXANDRIA, THE HU and ZERO 9:63 at Boeing Center

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Another great night of rock in San Antonio!

The energy at the Boeing Center at Tech Port was unmatched for Zero 9:36, The Hu, and Asking Alexandria for their “Psycho Thunder Tour!”

Originally, the tour was also going to feature Bad Wolves as well before announcing their cancellation, but that didn’t stop a killer performance.

Fans were screaming their hearts out to their favorite lyrics, crowd surfing, and going at it in the mosh pit all night long. 

The Hu - Photo: Stephanie Loftus

ZERO 9:36

The stage lights were set to shades of blue and purple and the first opening act of the night, Zero 9:36 made their entrance! Starting at 6:30 P.M., the crowd showed that it’s never too early to jam out to a show! For many, this was their first time hearing about the band but left a new fan!

Lead singer and rapper Matthew Cullen owned the stage going to all ends of the stage during his performance! His songs were filled with a lot of raw intensity and angst getting the crowd hyped for the night. Even though he has been releasing music since 2019, his music also brought a sense of nostalgia with songs such as “Left Alone” and “The End” about being angry at the world when you were a teenager. 

Before closing out the performance, Zero 9:36 announced that they would be at the merch table where fans would get the chance to meet the band! They have already collaborated with big industry musicians such as Travis Barker, Wage War, and Hollywood Undead. It will be exciting to see where they go in a few years!

Zero 9:36 - Photo: Stephanie Loftus
Zero 9:36 - Photo: Stephanie Loftus
Zero 9:36 - Photo: Stephanie Loftus


Up next to play was the Mongolian folk metal band, The Hu, not to be confused with British rock band, The Who, from the 1970s! The crowd chanted,”Hu! Hu! Hu!” as they eagerly waited to see all eight members join the stage. Effortlessly fusing traditional Mongolian instruments with modern metal elements, they put on quite the performance!

The combination of mixing throat singing and the morin khuur with heavy guitars and drums transcended many cultural boundaries, truly making this a one-of-a-kind experience. The attention to detail was striking from the lighting, to the dedication and passion from each member and even the intricate designs on the instruments. 

The Hu has a very dedicated fanbase with people of all ages chanting, “Hu! Hu! Hu!” between every song and pumping their fists up in the air while singing the lyrics at the top of their lungs. They performed songs from their new album, “Road of Thunder,” and ended the night with their hit song, “Mongolia.”

The energy they left behind was perfect for the next act, Asking Alexandria!

The Hu - Photo: Stephanie Loftus
The Hu - Photo: Stephanie Loftus
The Hu - Photo: Stephanie Loftus
The Hu - Photo: Stephanie Loftus


To finalize the first night of the tour, Asking Alexandria put on a memorable show playing sixteen songs! Lead singer Danny Worsnop, guitarists Ben Bruce, and Cameron Liddell, bassist Sam Bettley, and drummer James Cassells walked onto the stage exclaiming, “San Antonio, make some noise!”

The show had quite a few surprises, some good, and some bad. Their setlist featured quite a few songs making a live revival such as “A Prophecy” and “Killing You,” both of which haven’t been played since 2018! However, technical difficulties arose midsong and Worsnop filled in keeping the crowd engaged with proposing a toast for everyone supporting them for the past 15 years. 

Poppy - Photo: Grant Ivie
Asking Alexandria - Photo: Stephanie Loftus

Despite this setback, the crowd remained in high spirits and when the music came back on, fans reentered the mosh pit and continued to sing with drinks in their hand as if nothing ever happened. Before concluding the night with an encore, Worsnop brought out a polaroid camera to take a picture with the audience.

He left fans amazed with his striking vocals filling the venue as well as the rest of the band giving everyone an amazing night to remember. 

Asking Alexandria - Photo: Stephanie Loftus
Asking Alexandria - Photo: Stephanie Loftus
Asking Alexandria - Photo: Stephanie Loftus

Asking Alexandria San Antonio Setlist:

  1. Bad Blood
  2. Alone Again
  3. Breathless
  4. Killing You
  5. The Violence
  6. Moving On
  7. Never Gonna Learn
  8. Dark Void
  9. Into the Fire
  10. Where Did It Go?
  11. Down to Hell
  12. To the Stage
  13. A Prophecy
  14. The Final Episode (Let’s Change the Channel)
  15. Let Go
  16. Alone in a Room

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