September 2, 2023


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Three powerful female artists on stage!

Tommy Genesis, PVRIS, and Poppy delivered a powerful performance during their “Godless/Goddess Tour” at The Aztec Theatre in San Antonio! 

The stage was ablaze with cheers throughout the entirety of the show accompanied with an ongoing vibrant energy that lasted throughout the whole night. 

Of course a show of this magnitude couldn’t be missed so we sent our team to cover the show.

Poppy - Photo: Grant Ivie


Known for being sampled on Lana Del Rey’s song, “Pepper” Tommy Genesis put on an enticing performance before saying farewell on the tour. 

Tommy really knew how to wow the audience with her seductive vocals and lyrics, blowing fans away. At one point, she even jumped into the photo pit to sing directly to the crowd. Throughout the duration of her performance, fans had their jaws dropped as Tommy made her way to all parts of the stage.

She played a total of nine songs including “A Woman Is A God,” where she pointed the microphone to the crowd to sing along. She also performed her 2015 hit, “Angelina,” which she paid an ode to Lana for. She closed out her final performance of the tour playing, “Church,” which has yet to be released. 

Tommy Genesis - Photo: Stephanie Loftus
Tommy Genesis - Photo: Stephanie Loftus
Tommy Genesis - Photo: Stephanie Loftus


There was NEVER a dull moment when PVRIS played as the show’s second act. Fans were enthusiastic from start to finish jumping and dancing along to the music.

Inspired by their new album, “Evergreen,” the stage was set with fake leaves around the drum set and hues of blue and green encompassed the theater creating the illusion of a forest. Lynn Gunn as the lead singer and guitarist, Brian MacDonald on the bass, and Denny Agosto on the drums absolutely killed it as a trio for the hour and five minutes that they played.

The band opened up with, “I Don’t Want To Do This Anymore” and predominantly played songs from their most recent album, but also brought a sense of nostalgia to older fans by playing classics from their debut album “White Noise,” including, “Mirrors,” and “Fire.” Everything seamlessly flowed together the whole night, even the white strobe lights flashing to the drum beats. 

Before ending their performance, Lynn took a moment to appreciate her fans, Tommy Genesis and Poppy, before concluding the night with, “GODDESS.” 

Pvris - Photo: Stephanie Loftus
Pvris - Photo: Stephanie Loftus
Pvris - Photo: Stephanie Loftus


Fans dressed in black with eyeliner drawn on their faces yelled Poppy’s name repeatedly as they waited for her to come onto the stage. Instead of immediately stepping into the spotlight like the other acts, “Voice,” a black screen with captions that Poppy would talk to called for a prayer before ending another night of the “Godless/Goddess Tour”.

Poppy blended elements of her YouTube days and the internet as well as metal to deliver a jaw-dropping performance. Playing songs such as, “Church Outfit,” to “My Microphone,” she showcased songs throughout the entirety of her career so far.  At times, she would stomp around while screaming, and other times she would sing in Japanese. She really kept the audience on their toes wondering what she was going to do next. 

Poppy - Photo: Grant Ivie
Poppy - Photo: Grant Ivie

Not only was her stage presence quite versatile and exquisite, but the visuals were captivating as well drawing inspiration from a computer. Bright colors flashed the stage, capturing Poppy’s silhouette as she bounced around. Finalizing the night of her show in her favorite city, she played “Concrete,” as the encore and left the audience excited for her fifth studio album coming out in October. 

Poppy - Photo: Grant Ivie
Poppy - Photo: Grant Ivie
Poppy - Photo: Grant Ivie

As this was Poppy and PVRIS’s first time co-headlining a tour together, some fans were solely there for either act, but regardless, it was an amazing night with a positive energetic ambiance that filled the Aztec Theatre. 

Poppy - Photo: Grant Ivie

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