September 3, 2023

MANÁ at the ATT Center

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'México Lindo y Querido' Tour: A Celebration of Mexican Music, Passion, and Unforgettable Tributes

When it comes to iconic Latino rock bands, one name stands out among fans worldwide: Maná. With their timeless melodies, socially conscious lyrics, and thoughtful performances, Maná has earned its place as one of the most beloved and influential bands in Mexican music history. Since their inception in Guadalajara in 1981, Maná has stood as a symbol of Mexican pride and musical excellence, composed of Fher Olvera (vocals and guitar), Alex “Animal” González (drums),Sergio Vallín (lead guitar), and Juan Calleros (bass).

In 2023, Maná decided to pay homage to their Mexican roots in a grand way, launching the ‘México Lindo y Querido‘ tour, a tour name that encapsulates the deep affection Maná has for their homeland and its rich culture. “Internally, [Texas is] part of our country. We have already won back this territory after it was taken away. The Latino community rocks here in the United States,” celebrated Fher, addressing San Antonio’s vast Latino community.

Maná - Photo: Nimsi Coronado

Maná’s music has always been a vibrant mosaic of influences that reflect the complex tapestry of Mexican culture. This pride extends beyond the music itself; it shines through in the intricate folkloric and artisanal designs adorning their graphics and merchandise art.

The careful attention to detail in their instrument design is equally striking, with symbols like the Calaveras gracing the top of Alex’s drum kit.

Maná - Photo: Nimsi Coronado
Maná - Photo: Nimsi Coronado

The Show

The atmosphere before Maná’s arrival on stage was electric, filled with excitement and anticipation. The diverse crowd had gathered early, joyously singing and dancing to the pre-show playlist, creating an impromptu party. As the minutes passed, the anticipation reached its peak. Suddenly, the lights dimmed, and the crowd erupted as Maná opened with “Como te deseo.”

The setlist spanned their four-decade career, seamlessly blending classics with newer hits. “The audience danced and sang with fervor, particularly during heartfelt songs like ‘Bendita Tu Luz,'” recalls Fher. These moments brought tears of joy and nostalgia, emphasizing Maná’s iconic status.

Drummer Alex “Animal” González delivered a jaw-dropping drum solo, showcasing his remarkable skill and passion for percussion. “An overhead shot let the crowd witness his expertise up close. He threw a drumstick under his leg and played from behind his back, all without missing a beat,” marvels Fher. At the end, he gifted his drumsticks to fans.

Maná - Photo: Nimsi Coronado

Maná’s concert took an endearing turn when they invited a devoted sixteen-year-old fan onto the stage, highlighting the profound intergenerational impact of their music. This young girl, despite her age, demonstrated a deep connection to Maná’s music, underscoring the band’s timeless appeal.

Maná - Photo: Nimsi Coronado
Maná - Photo: Nimsi Coronado

A Night of Music, Unity, and Remembrance

Maná dedicated a concert in San Antonio to the memory of Maite Rodriguez, a victim of gun violence whose life was tragically cut short – even donating part of the proceeds to the Uvalde Heart scholarship, presented annually to a graduating high school senior from Uvalde, Texas, enabling them to pursue their education at Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi.

The concert in San Antonio became a poignant and emotional evening as Fher shared insights into Maite’s goals and interests, and Fher extended a heartfelt invitation to Ana Rodriguez, mother of Maite, to step onto the stage. “We want to dedicate this song to Ana for your daughter Maite,” shared Fher. “We remember her just as she was, a girl who really liked turtles, she loved them a lot, she was going to be a marine biologist. She used to wear green converse shoes, and that’s how we keep her here in our hearts. This song is called ‘Reloj Cucú‘ for her and for you.” A song Fher wrote about his late father’s passing, with its comforting lyricism and soft musical notes, the song has become a symbol of grief and nostalgia in times of loss and adversity.

Maná - Photo: Nimsi Coronado

“This is a love song, a song that transports all of us who have suffered these losses to be able to feel them again because if we think about them,” shared Fher, “we bring them back to our minds and our souls with all the love in our hearts.” Throughout the entirety of the song, Ana sang along with remarkable courage, her gaze locked onto the image of Maite, beautifully projected on the screens, as if singing directly to her beloved daughter. As the final notes of the song hung in the air, Fher blew several kisses into the sky, a touching tribute to Maite’s memory that left an indelible mark on everyone present. Maite’s heartbreaking loss serves as a stark reminder that there remains a significant journey ahead in confronting the pressing issue of gun violence, not only for her but also for the 20 other innocent lives lost in Uvalde, Texas, and the countless victims of shootings across America.

Maná - Photo: Nimsi Coronado

The Grand Finale

In the grand finale of Maná’s unforgettable concert, the night culminated in a symphony of joy and unity. The crowd’s demand for an encore, chanting “otra, otra, otra,” echoed through the venue, a testament to the band’s stage presence. As they returned for one last performance, the stage was bathed in bright yellow lights, evoking the imagery of a sunburst, a fitting backdrop for the timeless piece, “Rayando el Sol.” Large white balloons added to the festive atmosphere, going from one end of the crowd to another. As the show concluded, many fans took these balloons home, a cherished souvenir of an unforgettable evening.

From the youngest fans experiencing Maná’s iconic tunes for the first time to the older generations who grew up with the band’s music, the concert served as a bridge connecting the past, present, and future. The crowd was a vibrant tapestry of Mexican pride, with attendees proudly displaying their national flags, singing along to every word, and dancing to the rhythmic beats that have defined their cultural identity.


Maná San Antonio Setlist

  1. Hechicera
  2. Corazón espinado
  3. Dame una señal
  4. Labios compartidos
  5. Cuando los ángeles lloran
  6. Bendita tu luz
  7. Mariposa traicionera
  8. Se me olvidó otra vez
  9. Oye mi amor
  10. Como un perro enloquecido
  11. Drum Solo
  12. Te solté la rienda
  13. Te lloré un río
  14. El reloj cucú
  15. Huele a tristeza
  16. Como diablos
  17. Eres mi religión
  18. Me vale
  19. En el muelle de San Blas
  20. Clavado en un bar
  21. Rayando el sol

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