September 20, 2023

PEARL JAM at the Moody Center


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The grunge came back to Austin!

For two magnificent nights, the folks from Texas were able to enjoy the presence of one of the pioneers of grunge music, Pearl Jam!

Eddie Vedder and company came to the Moody Center in Austin to give two shows on Monday and Tuesday nights and fans couldn’t be happier for this. 

Together with band Inhaler, they both delivered incredible shows to thousands of hardcore fans that have been following the band from Seattle since their early years in to ’90s

Pearl Jam included a huge list of hits and covers that had the crowd singing the whole night such as “Daughter”, “Jeremy”, “Better Man”, “Alive” and covers “Imagine” of John Lennon, “Last Kiss” of Wayne Cochran and “Rockin’ in the Free World”, of Neil Young.

The opening act Inhaler, a young indie rock band from Ireland Inhaler pleased their fans with some great songs as well like “Just To Keep You Satisfied”, Cheer Up Baby” and “My Honest Face”. They were a perfect match for Pearl Jam and they warmed up the audience nicely.

It was definitely a great couple of nights for all grunge-rock lovers in Texas!


Inhaler - Photo: David Brendan Hall
Inhaler - Photo: David Brendan Hall


Pearl Jam - Photo: David Brendan Hall
Pearl Jam - Photo: David Brendan Hall
Pearl Jam - Photo: David Brendan Hall
Pearl Jam - Photo: David Brendan Hall


PEARL JAM Austin Setlist / 09-19-23

  1. Throw Your Arms Around Me
  2. Wash
  3. Sometimes
  4. Low Light
  5. Black
  6. Retrograde
  7. Once
  8. Never Destination
  9. Why Go
  10. 1/2 Full
  11. Daughter
  12. Unemployable
  13. Dance of the Clairvoyants
  14. Habit
  15. Who You Are
  16. Glorified G
  17. Rearview Mirror


  1. Imagine (John Lennon cover)
  2. Last Kiss (Wayne Cochran cover)
  3. Chloe Dancer/Crown of Thorns (Mother Love Bone cover)
  4. State of Love and Trust
  5. Jeremy
  6. Better Man
  7. Alive
  8. Rockin’ in the Free World (Neil Young cover)
  9. Yellow Ledbetter

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