September 22, 2023

TV GIRL at The Aztec Theatre

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TV Girl brings no static to San Antonio

Last night, TV Girl and opener Neggy Gemmy kicked off the start of their tour by performing at The Aztec Theater in San Antonio, Texas.

The excitement was through the high ceiling of the theater all night, the psychedelic pop band has never had more hype behind them.

The Aztec Theatre - Photo: Nimsi Coronado
The Aztec Theatre - Photo: Nimsi Coronado


To start the night electro-pop artist Neggy Gemmy came and wowed the crowd with her Grimes-esuqe sound and Y2K aesthetic. From start to finish the crowd cheered as she moved across the stage and roared with each bass drop.

Neggy Gemmy did more to hype the crowd than any small opener I have ever seen; from the moment she got on stage to the second she left the audience was glued on her.

Neggy Gemmy - Photo: Nimsi Coronado
Neggy Gemmy - Photo: Nimsi Coronado
Neggy Gemmy - Photo: Nimsi Coronado


As soon as 9 p.m. creeped around, so did the members of TV Girl. From behind the stage came Brad Petering on lead vocals, Jason Wyman on drums, Wyatt Harmon on keys and Zoe Zeeman on bass.

While the band typically operates with 4 performers, this time they were accompanied by two backup gospel singers. The singers provide vocals for TV Girl’s most recent album, “Grapes Upon the Vine,” which takes inspiration from southern gospel music.

As the crowd’s anticipation began to peak, TV Girl started off their set with “I’ll Be Faithful” from the new album.

TV Girl - Photo: Nimsi Coronado
TV Girl - Photo: Nimsi Coronado

After performing “Not Allowed,” Petering stopped to dicuss their most recent album and what fans can expect from the rest of the set.

“You don’t need to pretend, you don’t like it, we know,” Petering said. Afterward, Petering stated that the next three songs they would perform would be from “Grapes Upon the Vine,” before getting into songs that are “fan favorites, deep cuts, [and] Tik Tok famous.”

TV Girl - Photo: Nimsi Coronado
TV Girl - Photo: Nimsi Coronado
TV Girl - Photo: Nimsi Coronado

Following Petering’s monologue, the band performed “The Night Time,” “99.5” and “Fire” before getting back into their older works.

Near the end of their set Petering announced they would be performing a new song for the first time. To the confusion of some and amazement of others, the band performed cover “Jimmy Mack” by Laura Nyro, which seemingly follows the gospel and soul inspiration that their new music has taken from.

TV Girl - Photo: Nimsi Coronado
TV Girl - Photo: Nimsi Coronado

After a long set with songs from every era of TV Girl, the time to call it wraps will eventually come. But, of course, not without an encore. After making an exit, like all great bands, TV Girl comes back on stage to perform three more songs — “Big Black Void,” Lovers Rock” and to end the night, “It Evaporates.”

TV Girl brought no static to the Aztec Theater. From the line, to the wait and to the performance the energy could be felt by all. TV Girl gave it their all and gave a great start to what is hopefully an amazing tour.           


TV Girl Setlist San Antonio

  1. I’ll Be Faithful
  2. Pantyhose
  3. Hate Yourself
  4. Louise
  5. Cigarettes Out The Window
  6. Birds Don’t Sing
  7. Not Allowed
  8. The Night Time
  9. 5
  10. Fire
  11. Safeword
  12. Blue Hair
  13. The Blonde
  14. Loving Machine
  15. Jimmy Mack – Laura Nyro (Cover)
  16. Taking What’s Not Yours
  17. Heaven is a Bedroom


  1. Big Black Void
  2. Lovers Rock
  3. It Evaporates

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