October 9, 2023

TOOL & METALLICA close Power Trip Fest

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Epic way to finish a unique Music Festival

The grand finale of Power Trip Fest, featuring headlining acts Tool and Metallica, was nothing short of a seismic sonic spectacle that left fans in awe.  

On the third day of the festival, the anticipation for these two iconic bands reached a fever pitch.

The sound, the lights, the energy, everything was perfect. We can’t think of a better way to end the festival than with these two giants of metal. It was a power trip indeed!

Both Tool and Metallica delivered performances that transcended mere concerts; they were epic sonic journeys. The passion and skill displayed by these two iconic bands left an indelible mark on the audience.

Power Trip Fest - Photo: NachoDelaGarza


Tool, known for their enigmatic stage presence and progressive metal sound, took the stage first at 6:54 PM. The elaborate visuals, including mesmerizing projections and intricate lighting, created an otherworldly atmosphere that perfectly complemented their music. Maynard James Keenan’s haunting vocals, accompanied by the virtuosic instrumentals, transported the audience to a dark and introspective realm.

Classics like “Jambi”, “The Pot”, “Fear Inoculum” and “Rosetta Stoned” were met with thunderous cheers, showcasing Tool’s enduring appeal and musical prowess.

Their set was an immersive experience that left fans spellbound.

Credit: Power Trip
Credit: Power Trip


Tool Setlist Power Trip Fest – 10/08/2023

  1. Jambi
  2. The Pot
  3. Fear Inoculum
  4. Rosetta Stoned
  5. Pushit
  6. Forty Six & 2
  7. Pneuma
  8. The Grudge
  9. Invincible
  10. Stinkfist
  11. Swamp Song
  12. Ænema


Following Tool’s mesmerizing performance, Metallica took the stage with their trademark energy and power. Opening with the thunderous “Battery,” the legendary thrash metal band wasted no time in igniting the crowd. James Hetfield’s raw, commanding vocals and Kirk Hammett’s blistering guitar solos were as electrifying as ever. The setlist was a crowd-pleasing mix of old and new, including classics like “Master of Puppets” and “Enter Sandman” alongside tracks from their recent albums such as “Lux Æterna” and “Too Far Gone?.”

The stage design for Metallica was equally impressive, with a massive video screen backdrop and pyrotechnics that added to the spectacle.

Lars Ulrich’s thunderous drumming and Robert Trujillo’s powerful basslines provided a solid foundation for the band’s relentless onslaught of metal.

It was such a treat to see the band live performing and definitely a great way to finish this magnificent festival.

Credit: Power Trip
Metallica - Photo: Nacho DelaGarza
Metallica - Photo: Nacho DelaGarza
Metallica - Photo: Nacho DelaGarza
Credit: Power Trip


Metallica Setlist Power Trip Fest – 10/08/2023

  1. Whiplash
  2. Creeping Death
  3. For Whom the Bell Tolls
  4. Enter Sandman
  5. Lux Æterna
  6. Too Far Gone?
  7. Fade to Black
  8. Fuel
  9. Orion
  10. Nothing Else Matters
  11. Sad but True
  12. The Day That Never Comes
  13. Hardwired
  14. Seek & Destroy
  15. One
  16. Master of Puppets

Power Trip Fest will be remembered as a monumental celebration of rock and metal, showcasing the enduring power of these legendary acts.

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