October 14, 2023

ACL 2023 – Day One: An electrifying music blend!

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A perfect way to start Weekend 2!

Another year we get to see our friends at one of the greatest music festivals on the planet, Austin City Limits 2023!

The city of Austin, TX was again the host of a festival that brings an electrifying blend of musical diversity, making sure all music lovers have a little taste of bands they know and some they’re hearing for the first time. It is truly an awesome experience!

The layout of the 8 stages is great, it makes it very accessible and easy to enjoy many bands per day, even if is very crowded.

Day one to our surprise in many years covering ACL, it was cloudy and not super-hot as previous editions, so the walking from one stage to another was a piece of cake!

ACL - Photo: Nacho DelaGarza

Weekend 2 - Day 1

Friday was looking exciting with some great acts we had in our list, from Glorilla, Maggie Rogers, FKJ to Portugal. The Man, The Revivalists, The Lumineers and Kendrick Lamar!

Yes, the variety of music styles is huge, and that’s something only ACL can bring!

Glorilla, a rising indie band, impressed with their raw talent and unique sound. Their performance was filled with infectious energy and catchy tunes, earning them a growing fanbase. Major Lazer turned the festival into a dance party, with their high-energy beats and electrifying visuals. The crowd was on their feet, dancing the night away.

The Revivalists brought a soulful vibe to the stage, creating a sense of togetherness with their music and Maggie Rogers brought a burst of energy, with her enchanting voice and vibrant stage presence. She connected with the crowd on a deep level, making her set one to remember.

Glorilla - Photo: Pooneh Ghana
The Revivalists - Photo: Roger Ho
The Revivalists - Photo: Caley Hanse
Maggie Rogers - Photo: Dusana Risovic
Maggie Rogers - Photo: Dusana Risovic

The masterful blend of electronic and trance music from Above & Beyond created an ethereal atmosphere, captivating the audience with vibrant visuals and heart-pounding beats. An unforgettable journey through sound and light.

Portugal. The Man’s set started with was a testament to their rock prowess. The band started their setlist playing a cover from Metallica, “For Whom The Bells Tolls” and finished with Nirvana’s song “In Bloom”. But definitely with “Feel It Still” the crowd went wild! They delivered a high-octane performance that had the crowd headbanging and singing along.

Portugal. The Man - Photo: Dusana Risovic
Nessa Barrett - Photo: Greg Noire
RAYE - Photo: Jackie Lee Young


The Lumineers kicked off their set with their signature folk-rock sound, delivering a heartwarming performance that had the crowd swaying and singing along to hits like “Ho Hey” and “Ophelia.” Their genuine connection with the audience created a warm, communal atmosphere.

As the night transitioned, Kendrick Lamar took the stage, bringing a completely different energy. Lamar’s set was an electrifying mix of hip-hop, poetry, and social commentary. With impeccable stage presence, he delivered powerful tracks like “HUMBLE”, “Alright,” and “Savior” addressing important social issues.

The Lumineers - Photo: Quinn Tucker
The Lumineers - Photo: Quinn Tucker
Kendrick Lamar - Photo: Pooneh Ghana
Kendrick Lamar - Photo: Pooneh Ghana

Overall, Austin City Limits 2023 Weekend Two, Day One was a captivating journey through various musical genres. It was a testament to the power of live music and the diverse talents of the artists who graced the stage. The festival provided a remarkable experience that left attendees eagerly anticipating the days to come.

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