November 13, 2023

TENNIS at the Aztec Theatre!

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A night with ethereal melodies and infectious energy!

Last night, the indie-pop sensation Tennis, graced the stage at the Aztec Theatre in San Antonio, Texas with their ethereal melodies and infectious energy, accompanied by the talented Sam Evian whose soulful voice and melodic guitar riffs created a serene atmosphere. Both bands drew the audience into their sonic universes.

The concert was a sonic journey that captivated the audience and left an indelible mark on the night.

Tennis - Photo: Nacho DelaGarza


Two minutes before 8, eager to get the evening going, Sam Evian and his soulful, jazzy, psychedelic soft rock sounds came out to the Aztec Theatre’s stage. He came out accompanied by a second guitar, a bass and a drummer, played a couple of songs and then put down his guitar to favor an electric piano.

Towards the end of that song, the second guitarist literally took over a chord from Sam on the keys, letting him take out his sax to end the song with a soulful, jazzy melody. Sam alternated between the guitar and the keyboard for the rest of their set.

Halfway through their set, Evian was joined on stage by Ryan Tullock, bassist to Tennis, who this time played the trumpet. The rest of the band supporting Sam was made of freelance players Don Bullard on drums, Jerry Bernhardt on guitar and Lane on Bass.

Sam Evian - Photo: Nacho DelaGarza
Sam Evian - Photo: Nacho DelaGarza
Sam Evian - Photo: Nacho DelaGarza


Two minutes after 9, a full 4 minutes less eager than Sam Evian, Tennis took the Aztec Theatre’s stage.

Tennis, a duo made up of husband-and-wife Alaina Moore and Patrick Riley, came out to a minimalist yet enchanting designed stage, adorned with soft lights that mirrored the dreamy quality of their music.

As a band, they mostly followed a standard bass, guitar, drums and keyboards setup, but Ryan Tullock on bass and Patrick Riley on lead guitar alternated between their main instruments and the keys, at times ending with 3 keyboards on stage. Alaina Moore on vocals also switched between a Nord synth, an electric piano and no instrument at all other than her clean, angelic vocals and curly blond hair.

Tennis has a devoted fan base in San Antonio who cheered them on and sang all their songs, that included “One Night With The Valet”, “My Emotions”, “Borrowed Time”, their song for Rick and Morty, “I Will Haunt You” and “How To Forgive”.

The band has a tight and neat sound, which they’ve had a chance to hone in for the previous 20 dates on their 23-date “Pollen” tour which is about to finish next Sunday at Corona Capital Fest in Mexico City.

At the end, the San Antonio public left satisfied and happy to have witnessed the return of Tennis to the city after their last visit in 2020.

Tennis - Photo: Nacho DelaGarza
Tennis - Photo: Nacho DelaGarza
Tennis - Photo: Nacho DelaGarza
Tennis - Photo: Nacho DelaGarza
Tennis - Photo: Nacho DelaGarza
Tennis - Photo: Nacho DelaGarza
Tennis - Photo: Nacho DelaGarza
Tennis - Photo: Nacho DelaGarza

In conclusion, the Tennis concert with Sam Evian in San Antonio, Texas was a masterclass in indie-pop artistry. From Sam Evian’s soulful opening to Tennis’s dreamy and dynamic set, the evening was a testament to the transformative power of live music. It was more than a concert; it was a shared experience that left a lasting imprint on the hearts of those fortunate enough to be in attendance.

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