November 23, 2023

ROYAL BLOOD and HotWax at ACL Live

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Two powerful bands under one roof!

Last night, ACL Live at the iconic Moody Theatre in Austin, Texas was the host to an electrifying concert by the sensational rock duo, Royal Blood. The duo brought their unique sound and filled the venue with powerful bass riffs and drum grooves. Accompanied by HotWax as the opening act, who set the stage on fire and the audience pumped up for Royal Blood’s show.

Austin’s crowd, known for its love of live music, reciprocated the intensity with a sea of headbanging and moshing. The venue became a sonic battleground, a testament to the power of live rock performances and we were there to share with you what we experienced. 


HotWax is an English alternative rock trio based in Hastings, consisting of Lola Sam on the bass, Tallulah Sim-Savage on vocals and guitars, and Alfie Sayers on the drums. The trio took the stage a little before 8pm, and they started out strong from the very first song.

The performance of the band is mesmerizing, the tones from both Lola’s bass and Tallulah’s guitar fit right into each other creating this very powerful sound. This bass and guitar sound is complemented by Alfie’s drumming style which gives the band a grunge-like feel. They played a short but sweet 30-minute set including songs such as “High Tea”, “Phone Machine”, “Drop” and “Rip It Out” that blew our minds away and left us wishing we could’ve heard more.

HotWax - Photo: Armando Meza
HotWax - Photo: Armando Meza
HotWax - Photo: Armando Meza
HotWax - Photo: Armando Meza


A few minutes later after HotWax left the stage, Mike Kerr and Ben Thatcher from Royal Blood took the stage. It was amazing listening to the voices of the crowd roar throughout the whole theatre as the duo stepped onstage.

The setlist was on another level, from their explosive opening song “Mountains at Midnight” to the fan favorites like “Little Monster” and “Out of the Black”. The set felt like a roller coaster from playing very powerful songs to slower power-ballads like “Pull Me Through” from their latest album.

Royal Blood - Photo: Armando Meza
Royal Blood - Photo: Armando Meza
Royal Blood - Photo: Armando Meza

Their performance was everything that we could’ve asked for and more. Since 2015 the duo has delivered this powerful and tight sound without needing anything else but Mike’s bass and Ben’s drums, and tonight wasn’t the exception. The band successfully showcased their dynamic sound and stage presence through their almost 2-hour set.

Royal Blood - Photo: Armando Meza
Royal Blood - Photo: Armando Meza

The band stepped out of the stage after playing “Out of the Black”, but only to take a breather and come back for the encore of the show which was nothing but perfect. Starting with “Waves” a power ballad from their latest album, where HotWax was invited to join them on stage, then followed by crowd-pleasers like “Ten Tonne Skeleton” and closing out with “Figure it Out”.

Last night’s show was not only a concert, it was a completely out-of-this-world experience for everyone who loves some hard rock. We were lucky to witness a night full of fun and excitement thanks to both Royal Blood and HotWax. Both bands did a great job at giving us an amazing night that hardly any of us will forget anytime soon.

Royal Blood - Photo: Armando Meza

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