January 22, 2024

Big presence of Latin/Hispanic bands at Coachella 2024


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We finally received Coachella’s 2024 Lineup last week after so many speculations and we couldn’t be happier with the artists included this year, headlined by Lana Del Rey, Tyler, the Creator and Doja Cat.

Another great surprise in this year’s edition is the return of No Doubt with Gwen Stefani, bassist Tony Kanal, guitarist Tom Dumont and drummer Adrian Young together again.

But in this article, we wanted to talk about the big presence of Latin and Hispanic bands playing this year in the Desert of California that is driving everyone’s attention.


Peso Pluma, whose real name is Hassan Emilio Kabande Laija, is a Mexican rapper-singer who has been taking the “corridos tumbados” music to every part of the world. This music style is considered a subgenre of Mexican regional music with a mix of trap and urban and is driving all types of audiences crazy. With songs “Ella Baila Sola”, “Lady GaGa”, and “Rubicon” his show will be definitely a fun one to see!

Peso Pluma


Bizarrap, he’s an Argentinian influential music producer, who impresses with his signature style, fusing genres and showcasing exceptional production skills. His collaborations with various artists such as Shakira, Peso Pluma, and Young Miko, among others, result in infectious beats that redefine the music landscape. Bizarrap’s ability to innovate and elevate the hip-hop scene solidifies his status as a pivotal figure in the industry. Will he have any of the famous collaborators on stage?

Bizarrap - Photo: Pedro Colmeiro


Colombian reggaeton sensation J. Balvin, enchants audiences with his infectious energy and genre-defying sound. His dynamic performances and chart-topping hits reflect a unique fusion of reggaeton, dancehall, and pop influences. Balvin’s global impact, vibrant stage presence, and innovative music make him a trailblazer in the Latin music scene. He was part of Coachella’s 2019 lineup where he had Rosalia as a guest on stage and it was incredible!

J. Balvin - Photo: Nacho DelaGarza


Carin León, a rising star in regional Mexican music, captivates with his soulful voice and heartfelt lyrics. His romantic ballads and energetic banda tunes showcase a versatile talent. Carin’s ability to connect emotionally with listeners, combined with his musical diversity, positions him as a promising and influential figure in contemporary Mexican music.

Carin Leon


Santa Fe Klan, is a Mexican prominent figure in Mexican rap, distinguishes himself with gritty lyrics and a raw, authentic style. His socially conscious rhymes delve into real-life struggles, resonating with a diverse audience. Santa Fe Klan’s storytelling prowess and commitment to genuine expression contribute to his standing as a compelling force in the rap genre.

Santa Fe Klan - Photo: Nacho DelaGarza


Depresión Sonora, formed by Marcos Crespo, is an artist from Madrid, Spain who in his music blends post-punk with lo-fi pop and electronics. This project was born during Covid’s lockout in 2020 when Marcos started recording demos with a guitar and a laptop. Despite the artist’s short career and his desire for independence, his songs already accumulate millions of views on digital platforms.

Depresión Sonora

YOUNG MIKO (Puerto Rico)

María Victoria Ramírez de Arellano Cardona known professionally as Young Miko, is a Puerto Rican rapper and singer-songwriter.  She released her debut EP, Trap Kitty in 2022 featuring Latin trap tracks and just last week she released “Young Miko: Bzrp Music Sessions, Vol. 58” with Bizarrap. Will we see them both sharing the stage?

Young Miko


The Mexico City–based act Latin Mafia is formed by Milton, his twin brother, Emilio, and their older brother, Mike. Their style is a blend of Pop and Indie Pop music. They stand out for their infectious melodies, lively rhythms, and heartfelt lyrics delving into the complexities of the human experience.

The two younger siblings share vocal duties in Latin Mafia while Mike produces the music. The band’s name comes from a Latin trap group that Mike was a part of previously.

Latin Mafia


Mariana de Miguel, most known professionally as Girl Ultra, a Mexican R&B sensation, enchants with sultry vocals and contemporary soundscapes. Her music effortlessly blends smooth melodies with emotive lyrics, creating a captivating experience. Girl Ultra’s unique style and soulful expression make her a standout in the genre, offering listeners a modern and entrancing journey through her musical universe.

Girl Ultra


Kevin Eduardo Hernández Carlos, known artistically as Kevin Kaarl is a young Mexican folk singer and composer. In 2018, Kaarl initiated his singing journey with the release of “Amor Viejo” on YouTube alongside his twin. Surpassing one million views in a short time, the song now boasts over 42 million views. The video of his song “San Lucas” now has more than 266 million views.

Kevin Kaarl


Another act from México is Son Rome Pera. The band blends cumbia, danzón, rock, punk, ska and marimba music making an interesting spectacle you want to see. Their energetic performances turn venues into lively dance floors, with enthusiastic fans creating an electrifying atmosphere. Their genuine approach is evident in their contemporary renditions of Mexican, Peruvian, and Colombian classics, alongside original compositions and unexpected cover songs, showcasing authenticity and passion.

Son Rompe Pera


After going viral for lip-syncing with her homegirls to her sample-laden breakout track, “Bambi,” Spanish Hip-Hop/Rapper BB Trickz has been taking her music all over the globe.
Without the support of the press or playlists on Spotify, the Catalan has managed to be on everyone’s lips. Her style is a blend of vulgar, sampling, sarcastic, deadpan, hedonistic, quirky, playful, boastful, sexual, energetic, novelty, humorous, urban and rhythmic making it a show you want to see.

BB Tricks - Photo: Adrian Gonzalez Cohen


Hermanos Gutierrez is a Latin instrumental band formed by Ecuadorian-Swiss brothers Alejandro Gutiérrez and Estevan Gutiérrez who deliver an exhilarating musical experience, blending traditional and contemporary elements with finesse. Their performances are marked by infectious energy and skillful instrumentation, creating a vibrant atmosphere. With a seamless fusion of genres, they captivate audiences, showcasing a dynamic and versatile approach to their craft.

Hermanos Gutierrez - Photo: Jim Herrington


Ludmila Oliveira da Silva, professionally known as Ludmilla, is a Brazilian singer-songwriter recognized for her hit “Fala Mal de Mim.” In September 2020, she achieved a historic milestone, becoming the first Afro-Latin American female artist to surpass one billion streams on Spotify. She mixes styles such as Samba and Pagode, Dance/Electronic, Pop, Axé, Country and Funk Brasileiro.

Ludmilla - Photo: Facebook


Erik Alejandro Iglesias Rodríguez, professionally identified as Cimafunk, is a Cuban musician nominated for a Grammy. Renowned for his innovative blend of funk and hip-hop with Cuban and Afro-Caribbean influences, Cimafunk has carved a distinctive space within the musical scene. His style jumps between dance, electronic and dembow.

Cimafunk - Photo: Facebook

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