Balenciaga – Distressed Shoes For Sale

By now we shouldn’t be surprised by the eccentric and expensive models the Paris based luxury fashion house Balenciaga has, but this time the brand went a little bit over […]

New Amazon’s building compared to an Emoji

Amazon’s new building for HQ2 in Arlington, Virginia has been approved to International architecture firm NBBJ who designed a spiral-shaped glass tower covered with trees and walking trails, named The Helix. With […]

Happy 420 🌿

It is still unclear where and how did the 420 date was originated, but one thing is for sure, today April 20 is a day to celebrate the “marijuana day” […]

It is not Karen!

We have all seen memes of the famous “Karen” when they refer to the person who demands to speak with the Manager to complain about something, but, how accurate are […]